Falkeskogs Delikatesser


The fish specialist from Sweden's southernmost archipelago

We have worked with fish for six generations. Mostly in the Hano Bay so characteristic fog and raw cold. But always with the same persistent focus on delivering the best the sea has to offer. Perhaps it is also the little harsher environment that gave our fish its special character.

Falkeskogs rökta fisk

Smoked fish

To smoke fish, both hot and cold, gives a lovely flavor and texture. And could you imagine that the choice of timber used in the smoking process makes such a big difference in taste!


Falkeskogs gravad lax

Gravlax (cured salmon)

To cure salmon was once a necessity to get the fish to last longer.  The word gravlax comes from the Scandinavian word grav, which literally means "grave" and lax, which means "salmon", thus gravlax means "buried salmon".
Today the salmon is "buried" in a dry marinade of salt, sugar, and dill, and cured for a few days, not because we have to but because it is so amazingly good.


Falkeskogs sill

Pickled herring

Can you imagine a big celebration without herring? In Sweden we can't. Pickled, or marinated, herring is part of all our festivities, especially Christmas and midsummer.

But not only then, it fits just as well on the daily dinner table.

Falkeskogs najadlax

Najad salmon

We are particularly proud of our Najad salmon. The salmon that is all in one - first cured in sugar and salt, then smoked for adding that extra touch of mild smoked flavor.